The Lovely World of Angela

To be happy you must truly love what you do… And I do just that! I started my Computer Science journey in 2010 right after my oldest son was born. It started out with excitement for manipulating data on spreadsheets and grew into a passion for solving algorithms, and a love for perfecting my application coding skills. Now I am ready to share my fun, busy, crazy adventure with you!

Some of my hobbies are going to the beach, hiking, taking long drives through scenic routes, playing with make-up and blogging. I mentioned my oldest son, yet I am a proud mother of 2 boys. As they are 7 years apart having my second put me back in the “New Mommy” category. But I love it! I am constantly looking for good deals, from coupons for diapers to free family outings. Plus I work full time and have a hungry Hubby to feed, so I always try out new recipes that are easy to make and don’t keep me behind the stove too long.

Overall, I am just a happy girly girl making the best out of everything!

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